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Beautiful and meaningful wedding photography in Columbus, Ohio. The very best! Available for travel.
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A note from Tommy…

I can still remember how anxious I felt the night before my wedding. Not because of who I was marrying, not at all. In fact, right before the procession began my Brother asked me jokingly if I was was sure I wanted to go up there, saying that I had time to run away if I wanted, to which I told him I couldn’t wait to RUN UP THERE to marry my love, Meredith. No, it wasn’t what I was about to do that kept me up the night before. It was all of the preparation, all of the details, the little things and the big things that had my mind racing. And then, just like that, the day was over – a blur, a whirlwind of emotion and celebration. It was so much fun, but it went by SO FAST!


That’s why choosing the right photographer is so important, and why I take great pride in capturing all of those things, the little and the big, the tears and the laughter, so that after your wedding is over, you’ll be able to relive them over and over again.


I believe in a mixed style of photography for weddings – lots of details, lots of interacting – not just posing, and lots of real moments. You can have it all, and you should! You’ll end up with images that look too good to be true, but too natural to be staged. That’s what I do. I get my couples giggle and laugh, I’m quiet during tender moments, I’m down on the ground to get the shot, I’m on the dance floor, I bust my ass to get you the shots that not every photographer can get. Photographs that you will absolutely love!


I’ve been photographing weddings professionally since 2003, and there isn’t a situation that I can’t handle. I’ll work hard to make sure that the night before your wedding, while you might be anxious about the next day, it won’t be because you chose me to be your photographer.
-Tommy Feisel

Tommy with his wife of 9 years and their daughter, Luci

Tommy has been photographing weddings professionally all over Ohio since 2003. He has shot weddings in 10 states, and multiple weddings in Mexico. With a degree in Photo-Illustration, Tommy is an incredibly experienced photographer who has shot hundreds of weddings. Tommy has been married to Meredith for 9 years, they have a daughter (Luci) and a son on the way (name TBD!)

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